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Abogados de accidentes, negligencia y lesiones
Abogados de accidentes de automóvil, motocicleta, camiones, y resbalón y caída, en Birmingham, Alabama

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1 Perimeter Park South
Suite 312S
Birmingham, AL 35243

Lunes a viernes 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Ayudando a los heridos en Birmingham, Condado de Jefferson, Condado de Shelby, St. Clair (ciudad y condado), Tuscaloosa (ciudad y condado), y Talladega (ciudad y condado).

Áreas de práctica

  • Accidentes, Lesiones, y Muertes indebidas

    Si ha sido herido o lastimado debido a la negligencia o mala praxis de otra persona, nuestra firma luchará por la máxima indemnización. Representamos a víctimas de una muerte indebida, accidentes de auto o camión, accidentes de barco, resbalones y caídas, negligencia de seguridad, ataques de animales, y más.

  • Defensa penal

    ¿Necesita asesoramiento efectivo y con experiencia sobre defensa penal? Representamos a individuos acusados de conducir bajo la influencia de sustancias, tráfico de drogas, crímenes de guante blanco, violencia doméstica, y más.

  • Empleo y Ley de Seguros

    ¿Necesita ayuda sobre indemnización de trabajadores o seguros denegados? Deje que nuestros abogados con experiencia se encarguen de eso.

  • Responsabilidad y Mala Praxis

    ¿Ha sido herido o lastimado debido a una mala praxis o negligencia profesional? Representamos a víctimas de mala praxis médica, abuso en asilos, productos defectuosos, y drogas retiradas del mercado.

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    “I found Gary to be on top of his game, client centric with a well oiled staff to support the endeavor.”
    Henry Portner
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    “Gary Gelch is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, has strong presence and a stellar reputation. He is results-oriented and knows how to explain complicated legalities in understandable terms so an average person is able to comprehend the matter at hand.”
    Jane N.
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    “Gary is an excellent attorney. His compassion and knowledge are second to none and he always seems to get the job done. Highly recommended.”
    Lawrence F.
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    “Gary is different from other lawyers. He truly cares about his clients on a business and personal level. Excellent service. Highly recommended.”
    Shlomo A.
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    “I highly recommend Gary Gelch and his associates. He and his team are highly professional but, also compassionate. I felt secure and confident in their abilities due to their informative and thorough nature. If you're in need of an attorney, look no further, this is your team.”
    Marlea Torres
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    “Incredibly professional and thorough. I highly recommend Gary and his team to anyone in need of help. They are informative and also compassionate.”
    John Torres Ramírez
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    “My experience with this firm was outstanding. I was guided step by step through the entire process and always felt secure. They kept me informed and made themselves available whenever I needed.”
    John T.
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    “I was able to retain George Paladis in a criminal case I had. He is a wonderful lawyer. Very professional, kind, honest and just so helpful. The staff there is very great. Tammy is just as helpful as can be and she is great as well. I recommend this firm to anyone that has found them selves in a bind. You really won't regret it.”
    Danielle Perry
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    “Very professional and convenient to work with. You are treated like family. Final results were amazing. They are the best in town.”
    Jake Kalinowski
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    “Phenomenal and well-educated team! Gelch & Associates handled my personal injury case with ease and beyond my expectations. Extremely understanding and went above and beyond to meet my needs. Would recommended to anyone!”
    Tiffinie Swan
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    “Was very impressed with the way my case was handled - very professional and quickly.”
    Penny Delgado
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    “Gary was there from the very beginning. He and his office made what could've been a very stressful situation very easy and stress free.”
    Adriane Rosen
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    “Gelch and associates were very professional, my case was handled in a timely manner. The representatives responded to my emails very quickly. I would recommend the law firm to others.”
    Coreen Raymond
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    “Anna Lane is the best! She is so compassionate and caring. She works hard for you and she's very efficient. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help. She's very knowledgeable at what she does and she’s just amazing! Great humble spirit! She has a sweet assistant named Allison who does a great job also.”
    Laloria Marsh
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    “Anna Lane of Gelch and Associates was very professional and got all my needs met in a timely manner. She will be on my short list of professionals when I need help with any law dealings in the future.”
    Seth Beisher
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    “Anna Lane in Birmingham handled my car accident claim in a very professional and efficient manner. From day one she made sure she kept me updated with my case status and fought tooth and nail til the end of my settlement. I would definitely use her services again if needed as well as refer family and friends.”
    Christopher Briscoe
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    “Anna is an awesome attorney!! She is very knowledgable, professional, & she works very hard for her clients!! She has been my attorney for more than 3 years & I highly recommend her!!”
    Katreina Harris
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    “Gelch and Associates, and specifically Mr Martin Mehan, have routinely provided me with stellar service. Very fast and highly professional. Very happy with your services. Thank you.”
    Adam Tilson
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    “Mr. Gelch and his team are speedy, professional and caring. I give them a five star recommendation to anyone who asks for a lawyer following an accident.”
    Carrie Sirota Norton
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    “I would definitely recommend Martin Mehan. He's very knowledgeable and extremely professional. He managed to help both my daughter and I get the treatment we needed and a fair settlement.”
    Vikki Vigna
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    “Gary is patient, kind, very efficient, and really knows how to deal with and handle problems quickly. ”
    MaryAnn Cella

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Birmingham, Alabama

Siendo la ciudad más poblada de Alabama, con más de 212.000 residentes, Birmingham es el centro del Condado de Jefferson. La mayoría de los residentes de la ciudad vive en en sus tantos suburbios.

Birmingham fue la famosa central de una campaña anti segregación dirigida por el Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., en 1963.

Birmingham es un gran centro comercial. Sus características de altura presenta las torres de grandes corporaciones multinacionales, que incluyen a AT&T y Wells Fargo.

Es también uno de los centros culturales de Alabama. Posee numerosas galerías de arte, museos, tiendas independientes, y teatros. El nuevo Distrito Uptown Entertainment abrió sus puertas en 2013 y ofrece servicios para sus visitantes en el Complejo de Convenciones en su cercanía.

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Gelch y Asociados
Birmingham, Alabama